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Technical Publications

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Technical Reports


The Arab Water Council has widely issued and published a number of technical reports dealing with the water resources in the Arab Region.

Click on one of the below links to view & download the reports:


Study on Climate Change & Social Vulnerability - Part 1  
AWC-UNW Publication - Gender, CC, and Migration in Jordan and Sudan  
Managed Aquifer Recharge Suitability—Regional Screening and Case Studies in Jordan and Lebanon  
Geographical Information towards Building Risk Resilience in the Arab Region (AGIR)   
Implementation Completion And Results Report (Region Coordination on Improved Water Resources Management and Capacity Building Programs)  
The Arab Water Council (AWC) - Network of Arab Women in Water (NAWW), 2019.
Mapping the Way Towards Achieving Sustainable Development in the Arab Region, 2019.
SDG-Climate Facility, 2018.  
Strengthening the Understanding of Social Vulnerability in the Arab Region, 2018.  
Water Reuse in the Arab World : From Principle to practice, 2011.  
Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector development, The World Bank, 2009.
Troubled Waters - Palestinians Denied Fair Access to Water Amnesty International, 2009.
Water in the Arab World: Management Perspectives and innovations, The World Bank, 2009.  
Application of Remote Sensing in National Water Plans, The World Bank, 2009.  
5th World Water Forum, MENA Regional Document, AWC,2009.  
Perspectives on Water and Climate Change adaptation, AWC & WWC, IUCN, 2007.  
4th Water Forum, MENA Regional Report, World Water Council, Mexico, 2006.  
Status of Water MDGs Achievement in the Arab Region, AWC & CEDARE, 2005.  
Status of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plans in the Arab Region, AWC&CEDARE& UNDP December 2005.  
State of the Water Report in the Arab Region, AWC & CEDARE, December, 2004.  






In 2009, AWC jointly with Bari Institute published the “Encyclopedia on Water Resources Development and Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of the Arab World.” This Encyclopedia was planned to combine, as a fundamental source, some selected scientific and technical publications in the water sector issued by Bari during the last 15 years. The Encyclopedia will contribute to improve and update the capacity of institutions and the know-how of technicians, scientists and decision-makers involved in the water sector activities in the Arab World. The Encyclopedia consists of 13 volumes, each tackles a certain item in water resources and the uses of water especially in agriculture. The Encyclopedia is available in hard copy and digital copy on CDs and can be ordered from AWC headquarters.


Click on one of the below links to view & download :


Volume 1 : 

Water Resources in the Arab World


Volume 2 :

Water Vision for the Arab World and the Mediterranean

Volume 3 :

Water, Food and Agricultural Challenges in the Arab World

Volume 4 :

Supply and Demand Water Management in the Arab World:

the case of the Mediterranean

Volume 5 :

Coping with Water Scarcity in the Arab World:

Options and Tools

Volume 6 :

Drought Water Management:

Crop Water Productivity and Water Use Efficiency Improvements

Volume 7 :

Non-Conventional Water Resources:Salinity and Saline Irrigation Practices

Volume 8 :

Crop Response to Salinity and Salt Tolerance Analysis

Volume 9 :

Sustainable Use and Management of Treated Sewage Waste Water

Volume 10 :

Gender and Water Resources Management and Development

Volume 11 :

Water Valuation in the Irrigation Sectors: Tools and Mechanisms

Volume 12 :

Capacity Building for Water Resources Development and Management

Volume 13 :

Application of New Technologies in Water Resources Management

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