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Public Engagement in Water Management

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Development Objective:
The project development objective is to strengthen the Arab Water Council's
capacity for assisting water stakeholders improve monitoring and evaluation
capacity as a tool for strengthening water governance in the Arab World.

Project Description: The project consists of two components:

Component 1:
Baseline Diagnosis of Water Governance Indicators, the diagnosis specify and address
questions such as: what information is needed; which medium will be the most
efficient for the information to reach its intended audience; who is to gatherand process the information and how the information system is operated, maintained and financed.

Component 2:
To Strengthen the Civil Society Involvement in assessing their Country's water service
performance. This component evaluates options for sharing and disclosing
information on water use, consumption and management between policy makers,
media and civil society.

Countries that participated in the project implementation are
Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen.

Project Duration
December 2009 –2012

Project Financing
The project was funded through an IDF-Grant from the World Bank.
The Project Budget: $ 380,000

More about the Project . 

 Documents :

1- Focal Points  
 2- Public Engagement Project Summary  
3- Monitoring Public Engagement in Water Management in the MENA region a template with guidelines  
4- Public Engagement in Water Governance in the MENA Region A Review  
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