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4th Arab Water Forum Key Messages

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The 4th Arab Water Forum (AWF) held 23 sessions, 2 plenaries, 3 meetings and 18 special sessions, which all had the same key messages:
Water challenges facing the Arab Region:Running Sneakers | nike flex rn 2018 white house calendar Release Date Info , Gov
• Increasing water demand and sectoral competition causing more stress on water resources;
• Climate change and extreme events;
• Lack of knowledge and technical capacities;
• Deterioration of peace and security in the Region and its implications on water and food security;
• Water terrorism and upstream hegemony in shared river basins in addition to the so called cyber war over water.
These challenges are threatening the achievement of the SDGs especially SDG6 on water.
Here’s the link for all of the presentations held during the forum: http://arabwatercouncil.org/4thAWF/Presentations.html

Thanks to your cooperation in the above activities, the Forum was a real success story. Looking forward to further future joint activities en route to Sustainable Development of the Arab region.