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The Board of governors of the Arab Water Council held its 6th meeting in Rabat, Morocco on 22-23 December. The opining has been chaired by H.R.H. Khalid B. Abd Al-Aziz Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General for Military Affairs, Chairman of the Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz International Prize for Water and honorary President of AWC; and attended by Excellencies, Dr. Idris El-Dahak, Secretary General of the Moroccan Government; Eng Kamal Ali, Minister of Irrigation & Water Resources in Sudan; Eng Abdel-Kabir Zahood, State Secretary for Water and Environment, Morocco; Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, the President of the Arab Water Council; and a delegation representing the league of Arab States and the council of Arab Water Ministers.

Among the agenda items of the meeting was the AWCs invitation to establish an institute for strategic water studies to be based in Morocco, the organization of the 2nd Arab Water Forum in Cairo on 20-23 November 2011, the participation in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France in March 2012, and other subjects related to the annual programs and activities of AWC during 2010 and 2011.

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