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The first meeting of the AWC Board of Governors (BOG) in Cairo was held in the evening of December 8, 2006, including members elected by the General Assembly. The meeting was honored by attendance of H.E. Al-Sadig A. Al-Mahdy, former Prime Minister of Sudan and leader of the State Party; H.E. Eng.

Kamal Ali, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources of Sudan and Vice-President of the Arab Water Council; Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt; H.E. Abdul-Kabir Zahoud, Secretary of State in charge of Water and Environment in the Kingdom of Morocco and H.E. Dr. / Ahmed Goueli, Chairman of Egyptian Water Partnership.

During the meeting, Dr. / Mahmoud Abu-Zeid was nominated the first President-elect for the Arab Water Council, and H.E. Eng./ Kamal Ali was elected Vice-President of the Council. Also elected were the Treasurer and all other members of the Executive Committee. Moreover, H.E. Al-Sadig Al-Mahdy was nominated as one of the distinguished figures of public interest in the field of water on the Arab scale.

The meeting agenda discussed as well preparations for instituting the Permanent Secretariat of the Council in Cairo, and the Arab Institute for Water Management. Besides, formation of the working committees of the Council was agreed upon.

Report & Recommendations
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