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Arab Water Convention 2023

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The Arab Water Convention is part of a series of regional events organized by the Arab Water Council to address a specific water priority issue in the Arab region, thus responding to the region’s rapidly changing water challenges.


The aim of the Arab Water Convention is to provide a platform to exchange state-of-the-art technologies, advanced applications, and successful practices for facing the rapidly increasing water challenges. The 2023 edition is dedicated to address the use of Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) as a strategic solution and explore wealth of emerging opportunities for business and innovation in the water resources sector. The Convention will also be an exclusive opportunity to foster business connections between a wide spectrum of prominent water stakeholders from different Arab countries and regional and international partners.

The event will generate a multi-stakeholder dialogue and will offer an opportunity to promote the most efficient investment choices, to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and ensure a qualified transfer of experiences on emerging NCWR-related issues in different country contexts in the Arab region.