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AWC Scientific Journal “AL-MAA”

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The Arab Water Council Journal is a bilingual scientific refereed Journal published by AWC twice a year since 2010. The mission of the Journal is to contribute to solving Arab and Regional water issues by publishing scientific papers in the areas of integrated water resources management, water policies, trans-boundary water issues, water conflicts and diplomacy. In addition, the Journal addresses traditional water issues in different sectors, namely: urban, industrial, agricultural and transportation. The index of the published volumes so far is available. Full text of the journal is provided as a privilege for AWC members.


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Aims and Scope
Guide to Authors for Paper Submission
Journal Subscription Form
Volume 1, #1
Volume 1, #2
Volume 2, #1
Volume 3, #1 Part 1
Volume 3, #1 Part 2
Volume 3, #2
Volume 4, #2
Volume 5, #1
Volume 5, #2
Volume 6, #1