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Arab Water Council


The conference program consisted of 6 thematic sessions, in which 38 speakers participated including experts, researchers, investors and professors in water technology, management, water rationalization, desalination and water treatment. The aim of the conference is to eliminate the culture of water abundance meanwhile proposing new policies for the state and individuals including the private sector, Egyptian and foreign investors to mainstream the technology of rationalization, desalination and purification of water, as well as the harvesting of rainwater in Egypt. The Arab Water Council was honored to be part of the organizing committee and co-chaired the main sessions of the conference.

H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, Chairman of the Arab Water Council and former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, chaired a key session entitled "Supply Management Water Resources Development (Water Desalination Technology)”, during which he spoke about the importance of new technologies and strategic research programs globally, with focus on the Arab region as a priority for the use of Innovative Desalination Technologies.

Dr. Hussein Al-Atfi, Secretary-General of the Arab Water Council and former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, has also chaired the main session entitled "Investment, Banking and Finance for Water Technology" where he facilitated the session by interactive discussions between the participants and the speakers.