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Arab Water Council


The Arab Water Council takes pleasure in announcing its 4th Arab Water Forum that will be held during the period 26-28 November, 2017, in Cairo, Egypt. The Forum is a tri-annual event and is considered a meeting place for AWC’s members from 22 Arab states, together with their partners and associates from the region and from around the world. As was the case in the previous editions, the Forum provides a platform to address the issues and challenges within the water sector in the region which is the scarcest in water resources.

The slogan of this edition is “Sharing Water … Sharing Destiny”, a slogan that can’t be more meaningful in any other part of the world than in this region. The Forum will witness interactive discussions on a number of important themes and topics that are of highest importance to all water stakeholders in the region. The sessions will also include presentation of water-related initiatives, projects, programs and activities. The outcome will not only be a commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future for all in the region, but also a regional contribution to the global debate at the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil next year. On the sidelines of the Arab Water Forum, an Arab Water Exhibition will be organized, which is a unique opportunity to showcase the latest technologies in the field of water.

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