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Arab Water Council


The second general assembly was held in Cairo on 17 December 2009 attended by 250 participants from the Arab Water Council members, Ambassadors, country representatives, NGOs, Public figures.

The opening of the general assembly witnessed a number of opening remarks by Eng. Kamal Ali, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Sudan, Dr. Hussein El Atfy, First under secretary , Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt on behalf of Dr. Naser Allam, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation who joined later in the afternoon, Ms. Shahera Wahby, League of Arab States, Mr. Louic Fouchon, President of the World Water Council and Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zeid, president of the Arab Water Council.

The AWC report was presented by Dr. Safwat Abd El Dayem, secretary General, Arab Water Council followed by the financial report presented by Dr. Khaled Abu Zeid, Treasurer of the AWC.

This was followed by electing the New Board of Governors for the period of (2010-2012) as well as discussing the proposed amendments in the AWC constitution. Finally the proposed work plan for the period of (2010-2012) was discussed.


Click on one of the below links to view & download the reports:

General Secretariat Report
2nd General Assembly Conclusions and Recommendations
Members of Governing Board (2010-2012)