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Arab Water Council


The Board of Governors of the AWC had its 5th meeting in Cairo on December 16, 2009. The meeting marked the first of the newly Board for the round (2010-2012). It came immediately after the meeting of the General Assembly on December 17, during which election of new members representing Organizations, Academia, Private Sector, and Civil Society were elected. As stipulated by the constitution of AWC, the new Board elected the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and 4 members for the Executive Committee. Following the election, the Board discussed number of agenda items mainly related to organizing internal affairs of the AWC for the upcoming term (2010-2020) which included changes in the By-laws as a consequence of the recent changes in the Constitution approved by the General Assembly on December 17, scaling-up the fund raising effort, new rates of the subscription fees, and approving the nomination of four AWC members for the Board of the Arab Water Academy.

Report & Recommendation
Members of Executive Committee