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Arab Water Council


The 4th Meeting of the Board of Governors of AWC was held in Cairo on December 16, just one day before the third meeting of the General Assembly which elected new Board members for the upcoming term (2010-2012). The members of the Board in its 4th meeting were elected in December 2007 for the three-year term (2007-2009).

The meeting was attended by number of observers from the League of Arab States’ General Secretariat, the Center of Water Studies and Arab Water Security, the German Agency for Capacity Building InWEnt. The meeting put forward number of recommendations to be considered and endorsed by the General Assembly as stipulated by the AWC constitution. At the end of the meeting, the president expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Board Members for their cooperation and hard work to get the Council closer to achieve its overall objectives at this early stage of its establishment.

Report & Recommendations